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The ROADMAP (cont.)·

  • DRAM technology requires new high-k dielectrics that are still under development and may not be ready in time.
  • The reduced supply voltages pose enormous challenges for flash memory design.
  • There is an underlying assumption that the current business model - from investment through manufacturing to higher productivity applications - will continue.

As well as providing technical challenges, these points also define the quandary that faces memory companies. Low margins on commodity components coupled with high capital investment imply a poor ROI business case. Technical difficulties in meeting ITRS operational criteria and integration with logic may limit or delay the exploitation of new and profitable markets. The PMCm offers a new approach - and a novel solution - to many of these issues.

Technology longevity
Looking forward 13 years, the ITRS section on Process Integration, Devices, and Structures gives goals for long term memory technology requirements at the 30 nm node. Using this as a benchmark we have added current and projected PMC capabilities.

The ITRS provides an excellent set of benchmarks that allow us to look ahead to examine the longevity of technology solutions over the next 14 years. They provide a robust quantitative framework to link the major technology and applications goals. Some current structures steadily decrease in viability and newcomers such as the PMCm already have many of the attributes that will be needed for the more distant roadmap targets.


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