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May 13, 2008 Press Release: Axon Awarded Key Patent on Resistance-Change Memory Technology

Read Press Release here

March 2008 Washington Post: The 10 Most Disruptive Technology Combinations

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October 2007 Wired: Terabyte Thumb Drives Made Possible by Nanotech Memory

Read the article here

November 2005
Dr. Kozicki awarded Best Presentation at NVMTS At the 2005 annual Non-Volatile Memory Technology Symposium (NVMTS) held in Dallas, TX. Dr. Kozicki was given the award for Best Paper presented at the 2004 symposium for his paper Non-Volatile Memory Based on Solid Electrolytes. Read the full text of the paper here.

September 2005
Axon granted its fifteenth US patent relating to PMC technology US Patent No. 6,940,745 Programmable Microelectronic Devices and Methods of Forming and Programming Same, was issued to PMC inventor Dr. Michael N. Kozicki on September 6, 2005. Dr. Kozicki is the co-founder, Chairman and CTO of Axon.
See list of issued patents here.

July 2004
Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany signed a non-exclusive license for Axon’s Programmable Metallization Cell (PMC) technology. Infineon is a leading manufacturer of memory chips and is the second large memory company to license PMC. Micron Technology Inc, Boise, ID also signed a non-exclusive license for the technology in 2001.


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