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Who's Who at Axon

John Balciunas (Director)

Mr. Balciunas is one of the original investors in Axon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering (1969) and a Masters degree in Business Administration (1972), both from Northeastern University. Mr. Balciunas began his working career as a semiconductor engineer with Fairchild Semiconductor after earning his Bachelors degree. After obtaining his Masters, he worked at Digital Equipment Corporation for a period of sixteen years in a variety of management positions in both manufacturing and engineering of computer systems. In 1988, Mr. Balciunas joined Microsoft Corporation where he was the Business Manager for the development of the Windows NT product line. Mr. Balciunas retired from Microsoft in 1999 and currently resides in Sammamish, Washington.

Michael Kozicki, Ph.D. (Director and Officer)
Victor Lyn (Director and Officer)
John Balciunas (Director)
John Costello (Director)


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